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How Do You Dress Beachy In The Winter?

Last update: 2023-12-08

The cold weather doesn't have to stop you from channeling those beachy vibes! Even when there's snow on the ground, you can still look like you just got back from vacation with the right outfit. Here's how to dress beachy in the winter:

Layer Up With Lightweight Materials

Woman in beautiful white dress walking on the beach during sunset
One of the keys to pulling off a beachy look in winter is to stick with lightweight layers. Fabrics like linen, cotton, and rayon feel breezy and beach-inspired even when it's freezing out. Look for oversized cardigans, kimonos, button-downs, and tunics in these materials. You can also try crocheted sweaters and lace details to add texture. Just stay away from bulky wool sweaters and heavy jackets.

Incorporate Neutral Colors

Neutrals like white, tan, cream, light gray, and blush pink can instantly evoke a coastal vibe. Try wearing neutral-colored sweaters, pants, skirts, and accessories. You can also add pops of color with scarves or jewelry. Just avoid dark, wintry hues like burgundy, forest green, and navy blue. Stick to lighter shades to keep your winter outfit looking beachy.

Wear Denim

Woman walking by rocky beach in wet jeans bare feet
Denim is a year-round staple that also helps create a laidback, beachy look. Opt for light-wash or white jeans along with jean jackets and vests. Distressed, ripped denim with frayed hems and edges will make it seem like you just stepped off the boardwalk. Roll up the cuffs of your jeans to show off a little ankle for an extra beachy touch.

Break Out The Linen

Linen is the quintessential warm weather fabric, but you can still work it into your winter wardrobe. Look for linen pants, shirts, dresses, or shorts layered under sweaters and coats. Natural linen has a rumpled, casual vibe that feels straight from the islands. Just avoid stiff linen that might seem too wintry. Go for softer linen in relaxed silhouettes.

Try A Kimono Or Duster

The couple walked onto the empty beach at dawn, full of life
Flowy kimonos or duster cardigans are the perfect lightweight layer for a beachy winter outfit. They'll add warmth without bulk and flutter around you like a breezy coverup. Look for kimonos or dusters made from chiffon, lace, or lightweight cotton in neutral colors or prints. The longer lengths help create a languid, relaxed vibe.

Accessorize With Straw

Incorporate some straw into your winter accessories for an instant beachy effect. Try a straw fedora, bag, or even shoes like espadrilles. Natural textures like straw, rattan, sea glass, and shells can help conjure up summer when it's cold. Just avoid straw accessories that seem too stiff or structured. Soft, floppy straw is ideal for achieving that laidback style.

Show Some Skin

Woman in elegant beach outfit outdoors against palm tree on background during summer vacation
You don't have to bundle up completely to look beachy in winter. Show off a little skin with cutouts, mesh panels, crop tops, or shorts and skirts with tights. This helps balance out all those lightweight layers and gives off relaxed vacation vibes. Just be strategic and avoid exposing too much skin to the frigid temps. A glimpse of midriff or shoulders can go a long way.

Embrace Prints And Patterns

Prints and patterns are a fun way to incorporate a beachy aesthetic into your winter look. Try graphic stripes, tropical florals, tie dye, batik, or colorblocking. Paired with the right neutral layers and fabrics, these prints will transport you straight to the sand and surf. Just stay away from busy, wintry patterns like plaids and fair isles. Keep prints breezy and beachy.

Don't Forget The Swimwear

Wide shot of female friends relaxing on blanket on tropical beach
You might not be hitting the waves, but you can still wear swimsuits and coverups as part of your winter outfit. Sporting a bikini or one-piece peeking out from under layers gives off a beach goddess vibe, even when there's snow on the ground. And a sheer caftan or kimono makes a stylish topper for jeans, leggings, or shorts when you want to feel coastal.

Add Beachy Beauty Details

Incorporate some beachy hair, makeup, and nail details to complete your winter style. Try beachy waves, salty texturized hair, and sun-kissed bronzer and highlights. Paint your nails in sandy nudes, neon brights, or even add some seashell embellishments. Just avoid darker winter polish and makeup shades. Keep it light and beach-inspired.

FAQs About Dressing Beachy In Winter

How do you layer a beachy winter outfit?

  • Stick to lightweight layers like cardigans, tunics, and dusters in fabrics like linen, cotton, and lace. Layer over tanks, camis, swimwear, and crop tops to show some skin.

What are good beachy colors for winter?

  • Neutrals like white, tan, light gray, blush, and cream instantly give off beachy vibes. Avoid dark wintry hues like navy, burgundy and forest green.

What kind of prints work in a beachy winter outfit?

  • Prints like stripes, florals, tropical motifs, tie dye, and colorblocking are great beachy options. Stay away from busy winter patterns like plaids and fair isles.

What are some beachy accessories for winter?

  • Straw bags and hats, shell jewelry, rattan shoes, and linen scarves can add a summery touch. Try embellished bikini tops or sheer caftans as coverups too.

How do you get beachy hair and makeup in winter?

  • Beachy waves, sun-kissed highlights, bronzer, and nude/bright nail polish give off summer vibes. Avoid darker winter makeup and polish shades.


With strategic layering, lightweight fabrics, breezy silhouettes, and beach-inspired prints and details, you can definitely emulate a summer state of mind with your winter outfit. Just stick to light, neutral colors and natural fabrics and textures. Show some skin and don't be afraid to incorporate swimwear. Top it off with beachy beauty accents. Before you know it, you'll be dreaming of ocean waves and salty air even in the dead of winter!

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